The 8 Best Rated Mattresses for Heavy People – Our 2021 Picks

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We all deserve to have a good night's sleep & to wake up rested & refreshed. It is a bit more of a challenge however, when your bed isn't made to last more than a few months of you sleeping on it. Beds with collapsed centers won't provide proper support long term.

For those looking for a bed designed to accommodate heavier weights, we've found a few important factors to consider.

It's debatable what's considered overweight or heavy, however, these mattresses are designed to support up to 300 lbs. Depending on who you're speaking to, 200+ pounds could still be considered a larger sized body, & we discuss our favorite mattresses to suit these frames.

Check out our top 8 best mattresses for heavy people below!

small product image of WinkBeds WinkBeds Plus
  • Type: Hybrid
titan bed product image Titan (Brooklyn)
  • Type: Hybrid
small product image of saatva HD Saatva HD
  • Type: Hybrid
helix plus image small Helix Plus
  • Type: Hybrid
Purple Hybrid Premier small image Purple Hybrid Premier
  • Type: Hybrid
small product image of big fig Big Fig
  • Type: Hybrid
loom and leaf small product image Loom & Leaf
  • Type: Memory Foam
avocado bed small image Avocado
  • Type: Hybrid

Our Top Rated Picks Compared

WinkBeds Plus – Designed for Heavier People

This mattress is tailor-made for heavier type of sleeper, from the foam densities to supportive construction.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • “Any Reason” Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Gone are the days of buying an extra firm bed & hoping that it lasts. WinkBeds has designed a bed specifically with plus-sized sleepers & their needs in mind, aiming for an experience of balance of support & comfort so your curves are cradled & spine is aligned.

What makes it special? WinkBed Plus describes their model as the first luxury bed designed specifically for plus-size folks, which has a lot of advantages. It differs slightly from the original WinkBed in that it replaces the layer of micro-coils with 7-zoned latex, & the 3-zoned coils beneath are TexasQUAD for long-term durability.

This company prides itself on the durability of its products, so much so that they offer a lifetime warranty, as well as an “any reason” guarantee. If later on, your needs change & you want something a bit firmer, softer, or a refresh to your bedroom, you can replace your WinkBed for 50% of the retail cost.

Titan from Brooklyn Bedding – Amazing Cooling

Titan’s design uses reinforced steel to provide additional support while reducing motion isolation while extra cooling tech helps keep sweat to a minimum.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Brooklyn Bedding is an Arizona-based company who has positioned themselves as experts on cooling, & this expertise extends to their Titan model, a hybrid designed for plus-size sleepers & plus-size sleep. Titan st&s 11 inches tall.

What st&s out? First of all, the 6-inch TitanCaliber™ coils will do a lot to let air circulate through the bed, but on top of that, there is a layer of gel memory foam that is resistant to impressions. Should you need a bit extra, you can opt for the cooling panel using phase change technology on top of the bed for maximum cooling on contact.

Phase change technology helps to carry heat away before you overheat but delivers a bit of warmth back to your body when you cool down so that your body achieves a comfortable equilibrium. Bear in mind, that this is a firm bed, but a topper might soften the bed a touch for extra pressure relief.

Saatva HD – Luxury Feel

Saatva’s HD model is inspired by its luxury flagship br& but uses zoned latex for pressure relief & extra strong coils to ensure durability.


  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Charity Initiatives
  • Made in the USA

Saatva’s affordable luxury has branched out to include plus-size sleepers with the HD model of their flagship Saatva hybrid bed. This mattress differs slightly, swapping the dual-coil construction of the flagship for 5-zoned Talalay latex & 12.5 gauge coils, which the company states are 25% stronger than the industry st&ard.

What’s special about this bed? Saatva’s beds are all delivered via their free White Glove delivery service, & each HD st&s tall. The look of it, with its golden brocade & h&-tufted EuroTop, looks very luxurious. Organic cotton combines with comfort layers to soothe pressure points while giving larger frames the support they need to maintain spine alignment.

The latex is combined with memory foams for body contouring, & the tempered steel coils are threaded with helical wire, which the company claims reduces motion transfer while improving lumbar support at the center of the bed. This attention to zoning helps to ensure that your body is cradled evenly in a neutral sleep posture that can help minimize back strain.

Helix Plus – Pressure Relief

Helix’s goal is a bed for everyone, & their Plus model aims to provide soft pressure relief with the durability & support that plus-size sleepers are shopping for.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

If you’re a side sleeper with curves, it can be difficult to find a bed that can support your spine in a neutral position without creating uncomfortable pressure points in your hips & shoulders, like you’re sleeping on a rock. Back & stomach sleepers likewise want to feel cradled regardless of their body size. Helix Plus may have the answer for folks looking for something soft yet supportive.

Why did it make the list? Helix’s expansive line of mattresses was designed to cater to nearly every sleeper’s taste & needs. Formerly introduced as Nightfall, Plus is their answer to the needs of plus-size & Big & Tall sleepers, using higher density foams & thicker coils that still wrap the body in a pressure-relieving hug & medium-firm feel.

This mattress is a touch taller than the st&ard models at 13 inches, & that additional height comes from the XL coils. Three layers of foam are mixed with a latex-alternative for a quick response & bounce with a slower responding memory foam that responds to your curves.

Purple Hybrid Premier – Innovative Material

Purple’s hybrid model combines a unique polymer grid system, which provides a mix of support & pressure relief in one layer, with the added support of individually encased coils.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Purple’s aim was to promote pressure-free comfort for all shapes & sizes, & they did it by throwing out traditional recipes of memory foam & latex & designed a Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid system. This material is temperature neutral & holds straight under your curves while collapsing around concentrations of weight to give you a weightless experience in your bed.

Why did we include it? They began with an all-foam base, but we think their Premier hybrid, which gives you the choice of 3 to 4 inches of polymer grid, would work great for larger sleepers with pronounced curves. Individually wrapped coils beneath will continue this unique support system by tailoring to your shape & reducing motion transfer.

In their 2020 update, the company improved the cover so it worked better with the grid system to stretch & still retain its shape as you moved around, & this minimizes bunching & enhances the experience of the grid. They also added edge support, which can be a concern for larger sleepers looking for edge-to-edge support to maximize their available space on the mattress.

Big Fig – Firmer Feel

Big Fig’s hybrid design was specially engineered to provide a mix of gentle comfort & firm support for larger bodies, supplied with cooling tech to regulate temperature.


  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Big Fig (short for Big Figure, get it?) is a company exclusively to Big & Tall sleepers, delivering a hybrid’s classic mix of comfort & support designed for long-term durability & cloud-like comfort. Is it for you?

What’s special about it? Firmer beds can often feel softer for people that carry extra weight, & a truly firm feel that provides good alignment & pressure relief can seem elusive. Big Fig comes through at a 7.5 on our scale, giving it a versatile medium-firmness.

Larger stomach & back sleepers who prefer a bit of extra firmness may really enjoy this bed. If you’re someone who sleeps hot, Big Fig has also added a range of cooling technologies to keep you from overheating while nestled between the foam comfort top, & 80 ILD foam around the perimeter should provide excellent edge support. If you share your bed & like to spread out, edge support can maximize your space.

Loom & Leaf – Memory Foam

Contains 4.5 inches of high-quality memory layers that contour to your shape & gives you a gently-cradled feeling.


  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

So you want eco-friendly luxury, but you don’t want to have to put a second mortgage on your house. We got you. Saatva’s Loom & Leaf is a 12-inch memory bed with enough high-quality features to qualify as luxury, but at a price that shouldn’t put too much strain on your pocketbook.

What’s its best feature? This is a tall memory bed with additional support added within the lumbar area, & the breathable memory materials up top covered by a tight organic cotton cover should comfortably accommodate sleepers who are heavier than average. If you’ve wanted to try memory foam but have concerns about bottoming out, their Relaxed Firm or Firm options should both have you covered.

Every Saatva bed arrives full-size so you shouldn’t have to worry about off-gassing common with bed-in-a-box br&s. Every purchase also comes with free White Glove delivery & removal of your old mattress. If you want to really treat yourself, opt for the adjustable base, which the Loom & Leaf was designed to fit.

Avocado – Eco-Friendly

From the cover to the coils, this bed comes with several environmental certifications.


  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Certified Organic Materials
  • Made Safe
  • 365-Day Trial
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

If you’re interested in shopping eco-friendly & sustainable materials, you don’t need to sacrifice your reduced carbon footprint with quality bedding that can support a heavier person. Avocado has achieved some of the strictest certifications within the business, helping to keep your bedroom free of toxic materials that could potentially harm the environment.

What features st& out? From the cotton, wool, & latex, all materials in this bed come from a GOLS or GOTS certified organic factory & are sustainably sourced. The bed uses tufting to avoid chemical adhesives & uses all-natural flame retardants to keep the mattress up to code & safe.

We also love the optional EuroTop to change up the feel a touch if you’re feeling like something softer. We might recommend it for exclusive side sleepers with broad shoulders or pronounced hips. You can opt to have this cover sewn into the bed or delivered separately so you can try the bed with & without it to see what you prefer.

How To Choose a Mattress for Overweight People

Although there are general st&ards that can help anyone choose a new bed, people with over 200+ pounds have special needs that should not be ignored.

1. Quality Materials

This is critical in most cases. Using lower quality materials will most likely result in sagging & worse sleep experience after some time. Even though most beds last for well over six years nowadays, if you opt for cheap products with low-quality materials you will most likely have to change it after 2-3 years & that’s not something many of us want to do often.

2. Thickness

If you are less than 200 lbs, a 10” bed is more than enough in most cases. If you are heavier than this, you will want to consider 12” or thicker with good deep compression support.

Keep in mind that some products offer extra thick layers that provide enough support even at 10-11”.

Image showing four layers of foam designed to provide exceptional support

3. Firmness

You can decide your ideal firmness level by first determining your ideal sleeping position. Heavier people typically require medium to medium-firm. A higher weight tends to create more sinkage & hug, & you could experience back pain if not properly supported.

Expect an additional 1-2” of sinkage if you are over 230-250 lbs. You can help to compensate for that on a firmness scale by choosing around 7-8 out of 10. However, depending on the br& & its construction, there can be some exceptions.

Want more info? Read our full mattress firmness guide.

Ideal bed firmness for heavier people

4. Sleeping Positions

What mattress you pick out depends on more than just your body size & shape. You will also need to consider what sleep positions you tend to gravitate towards because your weight is distributed in different ways & will require different support & comfort considerations.


For side sleepers, pressure relief is key because in this position your full body weight is pressing into the mattress along a narrower surface area. For many sleepers in this position, a plusher bed is a better match because the softness allows all their weight to sink in & conform to their curves to minimize pressure. Heavier folks need to be wary, though, that their weight does not bottom out in the softer materials, & a firmer bed may be better suited for their body, even when they are lying on their side.

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The preferences for back sleepers tend to be all over the map, depending on where you carry your weight & what feel you like best. Some back sleepers like a firmer bed that puts a greater emphasis on support, but a firmer bed may not be as comfortable for some, especially those with pain points to consider. You’ll want to look for the right balance to cradle your shape while also supporting your lumbar & spine alignment.

Our In-depth Guide: Beds For Back Sleepers


Heavier folks in particular need to be mindful of stomach sleeping as beds that are not firm enough can leave their hips uncomfortably dipped inside the mattress, which makes it difficult for the spine to remain in a neutral position. If you are a person who carries most of your weight in your hips & abdomen, you’ll likely want to steer towards firmer beds.

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If you have trouble committing to one sleep position & are more actively flipping around at night, you’ll want to consider beds that are aimed at versatility. You should also think about which sleep positions you sleep in most often.

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Animated Gif Of a Combination Sleeper

The needs of a side & back combination may be different than a back & stomach combination. See recommendations above, & look for beds that can tick the boxes in special considerations for each of your preferences.

5. Cooling & Temperature Regulation

One of the most common complaints from overweight & larger people is that they get too hot during sleep. It usually happens when your mattress doesn’t have enough room to breathe & to provide enough air circulation.

In most cases, foam material “sleeps hot” when compared to latex, innersprings, & hybrids. These days, this problem can be solved if you don’t buy cheaper options & opt for more premium products. Most of these also have a gel layer or infusion which serves as additional cooling material on top of your bed.

Considering how widespread this issue is even for light sleepers, manufacturers created specialized “cooling” beds to improve airflow properties & heat distribution.

See Our In-depth Guide: Top Rated Cooling Beds

6. Edge Support

This isn’t m&atory, but it’s great to have if you use your bed during the day. If you frequently sit on the edge, this can play a significant role. It also means that your bed should be more durable & last longer, & it is usually an indication of a premium product.

Hybrid & coil-on-coil construction have historically provided great edge support.

7. Couples Considerations

Different body sizes require different blends of comfort & support, & a bed with enough support for a heavier person may feel like a rock for someone who is much lighter. Couples who are very different may consider a br& that offers dual-sided firmness so that each partner may select what works best for them.

If both you & your partner are substantially heavier than average, you do have a h&ful of options out there. In recent years, the online market has introduced beds designed specifically for heavier folks with enhanced support systems & durability.

Read Our Full Guide: Best Mattress for Couples

illustration of a couple with different body sizes sleeping in one bed

8. Consider Your Foundation

In some cases, a mattress is only as good as its foundation, so if you’re using a simple boxspring or slatted base with a memory foam bed that requires a solid foundation, you might not be getting the best support possible out of your bed. In worse cases, you could be putting yourself in danger.

Keep in mind that the manufacturer’s recommendation usually isn’t just a suggestion, it’s necessary for the proper support of your bed. Using the wrong foundation could even void a mattress warranty. It may not be a bad idea to look into foundations offered by the same company you buy your mattress from to see what they recommend.

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Are There Good Budget Br&s?

So many people spend years sleeping on an outdated or saggy mattress because they just don’t think their finances can accommodate something new. Heavier people not only wear out their sleep space much quicker compared to more average-sized individuals, they also may falsely believe that a br& capable of supporting their body comfortably is automatically outside the limits of their budget.

Online mattress companies have opened the door for many people – heavier folks included – to a high quality sleep that they can afford. Some details that heavier folks may look for include firmness option, as a firmer bed is likely to feel softer to someone who is heavier. They might also want to look for zoning in the support layers, as this can help keep even the heaviest portions of their bodies level with the rest of their shape.

Features like enhanced support & firmer foams & coils can cost a lot in retail stores, but many online br&s may be able to offer similar features at a greatly reduced price.

Type Of Mattress

There are many types & materials on the market today. Each style has their strengths & weaknesses when it comes to overweight people. In this section, we’ll break down the major bed types (memory foam, latex, innerspring, & hybrid) & how they can affect heavy sleepers.

memory foam latex innerspring and hybrid mattress

Memory Foam

According to many large sleepers, memory foam is one of the best bed types out there. Why?

Memory foam mattresses, whether they are on the hard or soft side, are designed to even out pressure points. One of the biggest complaints that obese sleepers have is that certain areas of their body end up hurting (i.e., their back or hips). Memory foam works to provide evening support that contours to the body.

Despite the numerous benefits, this mattress style can cause people to feel hot due to the lack of breathability in the material. Worry not, there are some great cooling memory foam options on the market today.


For overweight people, latex mattresses are a solid option as well. Latex tends to be much better at keeping you cool, unlike most traditional l foam bed options out there. That said, you're going to get a different feel than we discussed above.


If you do decide to purchase an innerspring, make sure to go with a high-quality option. A sign of this type of quality is a coil-on-coil build. This technology uses springs which make the support better, especially for big people.

When going with a coil-on-coil vs. a cheaper alternative — one of the biggest complaints of traditional innersprings is that the support & comfort don’t last long.

Learn more: Top Rated Innerspring Beds


As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is simply the combination of two or more types of material. Unless we know the exact bed you’ve chosen, we can’t say whether it’s a perfect match for you or not.

A great hybrid mattress would be a memory foam & latex or foam/coil combo. Foam offers great pain relief, which is something heavy people deal with while sleeping. And the latex or coils can help keep your body cool at night while adding more bounce.

Bed in a Box

illustration of a man unboxing bed in a box

Many newer mattress models are being sold online & go through a compression process that allows them to be roll-packed into smaller boxes for easier shipping. This process greatly reduces overhead, & many bed-in-a-box br&s are able to offer pretty outst&ing savings & value for their price.

To help facilitate this boxing process, however, these br&s use materials that can be compressed. Folks with heavier weight considerations should evaluate br&s carefully for manufacturer recommended weight limits & features that can offer them the additional support they might require. Boxed br&s with zoned support systems, foam & coil hybrids, firmer materials, or extra height might be a better match.

You should not believe, however, that your weight considerations preclude shopping for your mattress online. There are many online br&s that specifically target higher weight concerns by not compressing their product, & there bed-in-a-box br&s with added details that should support your frame just as comfortably as an in-store model.

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Benefits Of Owning a Bed For Heavy People

The worst part about owning a product that is not good for you is that you might not realize it until you get one that makes the difference.

If you are a heavy person, or in the morbid obesity category, it can get even worse with a bad mattress: backaches, inadequate support, & high temperatures during sleep can make your nights everything but enjoyable.

On the other h&, if you happen to take the time to know what to search for when buying a new bed, you can end up with something that will change your life. Not only can neck & lumbar pains disappear, but you could even get one that will help regulate the heat at night, making your sleep a much cooler one.

Moreover, your body will be supported, & you won’t feel like you are sleeping on a water bag. All of these things together can improve your body’s posture, muscular health, & even your mood! Because who does not wake up bad-tempered the morning after a bad night?

Having these aspects in mind, we compiled the top mattresses for overweight people that we found in our research & hope you enjoyed the list.


Can Extra Weight Cause Sleep Apnea?

According to research, excess weight can definitely put one at risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea because softer tissues in your mouth & throat can obstruct your breathing, which affects your oxygen levels & sleep.

One of the most common suggestions for reducing the symptoms of OSA is weight loss. Unfortunately, it all creates a frustrating cycle because insufficient sleep can cause you to gain weight & the extra weight can st& to make your condition worse. Intervention by a doctor for one or both of these conditions should put you on the road to recovery.

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When you already know what to look for, picking the Best Mattresses for Heavy People can become an easier task, especially after you find out how much of your life can improve by only having a deep & sound sleep at night.

A large person can consider a firm bed that supports their body & regulates the temperature during sleep, & this is why we picked these beds & categorized them so you can know what to anticipate from each model.


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