Need a new bed? You’ve managed to narrow down your choice to a couple products but you aren’t sure which one is better for you?

To compare mattresses, Sleep Advisor team uses our internal system which aims to show different products & their features side-by-side so that you, as a buyer, can determine which one you like more & which one is more suited to your sleep preferences.

We underst& that it’s sometimes hard to get an idea if you really like a product or not, or if it’s good for you. After all, it’s a big decision, right? If you are new to our website, here is a three-step process that will guide you through your mattress shopping.

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Mattress Feature Comparison Chart

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ProductTypeFirmnessThickness (inches)CoolingEdge SupportMotion TransferResponseHug FeelSmellTrial (nights)WarrantyPrice (for queen size)




Memory Foam611GreatA-LowSlowBalancedNone365Lifetime$795Memory FoamTwo sides (4/6)10GreatA-Very LowSlowSignificantNone120Lifetime$899Hybrid3, 4.5 or 8.513ExceptionalALowMediumSignificantSlight101Lifetime$1,199Foam Combo69.5GreatA-LowFastBalancedSlight10010 years$950Latex5 or 79AmazingA-LowFastBalancedSlight12020 years$1,799Memory Foam6 or 810GreatAVery LowMediumBalancedSlight12015 years$1,099Hybrid6 or 715AmazingALowMediumBalancedNone365Lifetime$1,599Foam Combo710GreatB+LowFastBalancedSlight12010 years$940Hyperelastic Polymer610ExceptionalA-LowVery FastBalancedModerate10010 years$999Coil - Pillow - Top4, 6 or 812GreatAAverageVery FastBalancedNone18015 years$1,399Hybrid4, 6 or 811.5GreatB+LowFastBalancedModerate12010 years$949Hybrid3, 5 or 713.5ExceptionalALowMediumBalancedSlight12010 years$1,699Coil - Pillow - Top6.515ExceptionalA+AverageVery FastBalancedNone12010 years$1,299Hybrid6 or 710GreatA-AverageFastBalancedSlight12010 years$999Hybrid3, 6 or 812GreatA-AverageFastBalancedSlight10010 years$999Memory Foam610GoodBLowMediumSlightModerate10010 years$800Foam Combo4.5 or 5.511.5GreatB+LowMediumBalancedSlight10010 years$1,850Foam Combo510GoodB+LowMediumBalancedSlight12015 years$899Hybrid711GreatA-LowVery FastSlightSlight10010 years$1,475

How We Compare Beds? - Our Internal Process

how we compare mattresses

Our mission is to help you find an optimal bed for your particular needs at the lowest possible price, while excluding any products that don’t make it through our rigorous testing & criteria.

We use these principles & a system developed over more than 12 months of analysis, research & many hours of sleep testing different beds. Some of them bad, some of them fantastic, that’s why we don’t want you to go through the whole. You can easily pick one of the winners & get on with your life.

Since we can’t expect all of you to know the terminology & phrases used in our mattress comparison tool & chart above here are some details:


We tried to keep everything as simple as possible, but we underst& that you might not be familiar with some of the terms we used. To help you get an idea what each of these questions means, we’ve listed them in order with detailed explanation.

Type  - This is the construction & material used to build the bed. We have a h&ful of options here & many properties directly depend on this:

  • Memory Foam - Soft “hug” feel, contouring & pain relief & widely popular due to these properties. Although, it tends to sleep a bit hot that’s why most companies use gel foam these days.
  • Foam Combo - Polyfoams & custom proprietary foams provide much better airflow while also giving better bounce & edge support. Considering that most products use memory foam as well, you will find this type in the above category.
  • Latex - More expensive but also more durable & much cooler than any foam.
  • Coils (Innerspring) - Traditional construction, but usually paired with a pillow top to add that extra comfort & padding.
  • Hybrid - A combo of two of the above materials. Result? Better at most features, but not as a pronounced feel of either type. You will see many luxury options here with hotel grade design.

Cooling - This represents the overall capability of a mattress to disperse heat & prevent creating “hot spots.” You will often notice that lower-end memory foam beds have a worse cooling grade (OK or Good) while Latex, Hybrids, & Coils have way better (Exceptional or Very Good).

Firmness - This is a very subjective thing, & it’s rarely same for everyone. I might have 200 pounds & think that a bed is medium, while at the same time some people might have 110 lbs & think it’s firm. That’s why this is just a ballpark estimate, & most companies offer multiple firmness levels for this reason. For more information check our firmness guide.

Edge Support - Have you ever fallen off the bed? Not a good thing, I know. Cheaper foam products have this problem, & you can expect more sagging around the edges, giving you less sleeping space. All other types are better at this, & you can even sit on it during the day or have fun with amorous activities.

Motion Transfer  - Sleeping with a wife or a husb&? Low motion transfer allows one of the partners to toss & turn at will without waking up the other person. Foam products excel in this area while most others do not. See how the tables have turned. That's why most couples love this material.

Off-Gassing  - Sleeping on a surface that smells of chemicals can’t be a good thing, right? Well, that’s what we have to do for a couple of days with most foam-based beds as that characteristic smell is a by-product of the manufacturing process. Latex & coils do not have this issue at all.

Trial - Different companies have different policies about trial, refund & return policies. We only show "number of nights" for your reference, & you should check the manufacturer’s terms & conditions page before buying for more details.

Warranty - Much like the above, it’s a period during which you can get your money back if the product doesn’t deliver what’s promised or advertised.

Value - This represents our subjective opinion how good a mattress is compared to its price tag. Even if it excels in every field but costs $20,000 we can’t call it a good deal, can we? In the end, it’s just a representation of how much bang you get for your buck.

Mattress Battles

Note: We are in the process of revision of most of our comparison articles so they might change in the next 30 days.

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